Hollowrap Ltd.


Hollowrap Ltd is at the fore front of packaging innovation, and as such developed its own patented system and machinery for producing coreless roll of film. Hollowrap Ltd now offers these coreless stretch film machines along with the CGA range of equipment to all it's customers around the world.


Hollowrap Ltd is best known for its HollowrapTM Coreless Stretch Film but also offers a wide range of rewinding and slitting equipment for the packaging and food film industries. These include: Slitter Rewinders, Perforators, Prestretch Rewinders, Bubble Film Rewinders, Core Cutters and various other converting equipment, along with it's own Hollowrap stretch film products, with out a core!


HolloWrap Ltd is particularly proud of its work in developing it's Coreless Stretch film as an eco-alternative to standard stretch film as we believe that:


     Environmental Responsibility is Everyone’s Concern

 The HollowrapTM machines produce finished rolls with out the traditional cardboard core, but used in the same way. HollowrapTM Film offers the end user many advantages including:


100% usable product

Guaranteed film lengths

No loss of performance

Reduced storage costs

Reduced transport costs.

Easy to use product when hand wrapping

Reduced weight and volume of the product for shipping

Reduced waste disposal costs, due to removal of cores

Reduced storage space due to smaller product and packaging

Standard rolls can be used in many formats.


and most importantly it reduces the environmental damage caused by sending waste to landfill.


 Full details of the HollowrapTM stretch film products can be found at www.hollowrap.com