TT1000 Cored & Coreless Prestretcher


A fully automatic Cored and Coreless prestretcher for the conversion of master rolls of stretch film in to prestretched hand rolls, machine rolls, slit rolls and mini-rolls up to 240mm in diameter, with minimal operator input.

The TT coreless prestretch machine is designed to take a master roll of film, stretch it, relax it, and rewind it as full width or slit width prestretched rolls of film.

The machine has been developed to give maximum flexibility in finished roll formats and can produce soft rolls, oscillated rolls, straight rolls, edge guided rolls or any combination of the above, including slit widths.



Available in two sizes:- 600mm or 1000mm widths

For the specification on the 1000mm version please click above or watch the video below:


The machine features automatic core loading (where required), film attachment to core or coreless mandrel, winding to length, film cut and automatic removal from the machine with a variety of different finished roll delivery systems.